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The device is completely safe to use. However, if you have any existing medical conditions you should consult your doctor prior to use. 

No, you will not experience any pain whatsoever. However you should always start with the lowest intensity setting for 20-30 minutes a day and gradually increase the intensity over a span of few days. 

The device is not supposed to get hot per se, you will feel some warming as you are using it however. The device uses ultrasonic waves (think sound waves) which are invisible to the human eyes or ears. You can test it by dropping a bit of water in the middle of the metal base. You should be able to see the water dissipate and pulsate as the ultrasonic waves pass through it.

Yes, ultrasonic fat cavitation provides real, measurable results sometimes as early as 48 hours of use. You will be able to measure how much circumference you've lost using a tape measure or simply by looking in the mirror. Keep in mind that results won't be seen overnight and the best results will come in weeks or months after consistent use. The results will also vary based on your body type, health history or other unique personal factors.

This will be different for each person as every human body is different. Most of our customers see results within 1-2 weeks with consistent use.

The device has a 10 minute built in timer for ease of use and safety. Once the timer runs out it will turn off, if you wish to continue using it please restart the function you were using.

DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER. Use a damp cleaning cloth to wipe the metal head of the device. Wipe any oils off the sticky pads after use to extend their longevity. 

Please consult your doctor first if you have any existing medical condition. It is not recommended to use the device if you are pregnant.

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